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Care guide for suits and jackets

Your guide to getting your party outfit ready for the coming season's festivities. Follow these easy tips and your outfit will be looking the part, all season long.

Steaming and ironing

Eliminating creases and wrinkles is top priority. This is easily done by steaming the item with a steamer. The hot steam will also kill bacteria, eliminate odors and freshen up the textile. Steaming your shirts works just as well. And if you wish to get a pressed collar or cuff, our new Cirrus 3 Iron Steamer is a hybrid between a steamer and an iron, with an ironing plate that can achieve either a pressed or a smooth look.

Smell the part

Has the garment caught an odor or does it feel a little dull and dusty? Try airing it out overnight and spraying it with a lightly scented mist. The quickest trick to fresher clothes. If this doesn't work, then hand wash your garment and focus only on the areas that need to be freshened up. This will save you valuable time and water.

Brush it off

Often all it takes is a few strokes with a high-quality clothing brush, and any superficial stains and dust come right off. Having one in your pocket is great for handling any stains when out and about, to treat the stain immediately and increase the chance of it disappearing. Getting rid of dust, hair and fluff is easily done with a lint brush.

Never machine wash

Some suits should never be washed in the machine, but this of course depends on the material. Some sensitive textiles will be ruined when exposed to water, others will shrink or lose their shape. If it really is in need of a wash, take it to an environmentally friendly dry cleaner. Always check the care label first, maybe your suit can be hand washed at home.

Store it properly

Make sure your suit or jacket isn’t cramped in a crowded wardrobe, as they need some air around them in order not to get creased. Our Space Saving Hanger makes room in-between each hanger, when hung horizontally. When it’s used for storing other items and you need to create more space, then you fold it down vertically to create six times as much space.

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